Week 3: Equipment Order

In week 3, we searched required equipment and tutorials for Kinect programming. Until we get Kinect equipment, we will set up developing environment (install openCV, etc.). Following items are our required equipment for the project. Songhui is working on writing PO form and will upload it soon.

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Sensors Bar
  • Power Supply AC Cable Adapter for XBox Kinect Motion Sensor
  • Raspberry pi (We will borrow it from Dr.Min)
  • Pi Camera (We will substitute Kinect if it doesn’t work or we cannot buy it / will borrow from Dr.Min: Need to check)
  • USB cable…?


  1. Kinect Face Tracking
  2. Kinect + Raspberry pi
  3. Another Kinect + Raspberry pi
  4. Kinect + Cubieboard
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Driver Github

While writing proposal report, we decided to reduce our project scope to focusing on only facial & motion tracking. As Dr.Min’s comment, it is demanding work for us to easily find a general repetition in a patient’s vocal habit. Thus, we divided our project into mainly two parts: facial tic / motor tic. We think that the main challenge point will be simultaneous tracking of face & motion. If it is impossible for Raspberry pi due to its performance, preference choice or flexible application of our robot will be needed. Or changing Raspberry pi to a small laptop and others might be a good choice to success our project.

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